We offer the most universal
payments solution for your business.

relario PAY harnesses the technical and financial infrastructure of global telecom networks and requires users to simply have access to a mobile phone to process payments for various merchant content and services.

Pay by text

Modern mobile networks have an infrastructure both necessary and sufficient for payments.

A rich man can disguise his wealth and travel incognito. A poor man cannot hide his poverty: poverty always finds a hole, it sticks out like an awl from a bast sack. Severe circumstances and shortage of resources deliver only the naked and dirty truth.

Without the means to embellish reality, one remains within the realm of expediency. It is their development in the poorest regions of the world that demonstrates us the greatest physical reasonability.

pay by SMS

relario PAY is one of the best payment solutions for services in structurally weak countries

Pay by Call

Speaking “engineeringly”, ordinary payments are unnecessarily complex.

The essence of payments is an ultra-reliable communication corridor plus a secure database. Mobile networks became mankind’s first sufficiently reliable and fast communication platform. Telegraph, radio, and landlines lacked inexpensive automatic and foolproof encryption. Private users could not afford to operate home terminals.

Over the decades, the multi- layered banking structure got interwoven with various payment networks. It is a system whose reasons to exist are solely historical.

The payment services by banks seized their market share a long time ago when reliable and fast communications did not exist.

Globally, 1.7 billion adults lack an bank account.

Ironically, they call billions of people who are currently not served by banks “underbanked”. Allegedly, this hints on some economic flaws of these people. However, if we want to live up to reality, we should instead refer to banks as “underused” and irrelevant*.

The scale of the “unbanked problem” does not prove its naturalness. Most of the people are illiterate but it is not ok. Most of the Universe’s mass is dark matter but we can not say we like it. Most of the Web is “dark” and not indexed by Google, and it is not fine.

* Online payments, in their turn, are superstructures over the banking system. This is not true for some self-sufficient cryptographic currencies but they remain semi-legal.

Nearly half of all unbanked adults live in just seven economies.

  • Rest of the world

  • China

  • India

  • Indonesia

  • Pakistan

  • Nigeria

  • Mexico

  • Bangladesh

Relario’s secret is a unique ability to rely only on what every person on this planet has ― a mobile phone.

With “relario Pay”, merchants can provide online services to billions of people that they could not reach. There is a single solution delivered as an API. The service can be deployed in a matter of hours. Payments are done via clever and reticent inclusions in the existing payment flow amongst global telecom operators (SMS & voice; no direct carrier billing).

pay by phone

relario PAY works with near all
generations of mobile phones

relario Pay: Contemporary, Relevant, and Unbuttoned

Make no mistake, the GSM technology is not outdated. Technologies develop like biological species, along an evolutionary spiral. For example, electric cars were very popular a hundred years ago. It was not natural market forces but the greed of oil monopolists that removed them from the pedestal of popularity. But physics eventually takes its toll* — electric cars are experiencing a well-deserved renaissance.

Look at the physical incongruity of a ridiculous pile of technologies called Apple Pay. It stands on top of card networks, which in turn stand on complex rings of issuers and acquirers. Look at the madness of cryptocurrencies mining. Look how slow, unreliable, and pointless are pre-mined “stable coins” on distributed ledgers. Look at the conflicts and costs associated with the development of mobile Internet access. At the same time, relario PAY has been working for the last 15 years without a single failure and continues to work.

* These machines are faster and more economical, they have better weight distribution, and they need fewer parts so they are more reliable.

Advantages for Merchants

Unprecedented Access

First of all, with Relario, merchants get an unprecedented breadth of access to potential clientele. But the new quantity is not just a hundred of yet undiscovered countries with a billion or two of customers.

This is the quantity that turns into quality. Why is that? Because the logic you followed until today is not unique. Your typical competition would remain where it is now, while your business takes off to the new destinations.

No censorship

No dependence on the monopolies of global app stores.

No chargebacks

No exposure to fraud. Hard currency only.

Perfect for recurrent payments

Phones do not expire. Cards do.

No Restrictions

Your ways are limited by the number and strength of the surrounding controllers. You do not sing loudly in a cafe when people around are throwing judging glances at you and the cop on the corner of the block is not busy. When you are offered a “broad integration with a variety of payment systems”, your freedom is to be significantly restricted.

The vulnerability of a system is equal to the vulnerability of the weakest link, so you must fit the most stringent of requirements. In the case of Relario, there is no one between you and your customers but an indifferent piece of equipment. In this age of ubiquitous monopolies, it is time to learn to appreciate freedom.

If you are a mobile operator, learn how you can support relario pay and boost the usage of your international sms and PSTN calls.