A configurable, intuitive and easy-to-use push notifications tool

dedicated to e-commerce, gaming and content creator companies.

Re-engage Users

Publishers are encouraged to keep users engaged by redirecting them to new and exciting offers and updates, ensuring their brands remain front and center. Oriel’s push notification feature for e-commerce websites is an invaluable tool for clients that want to remain on top of the best class conversion rates for the latest offers and products.

Increase Sales

Helping users remain engaged will not only significantly cut down marketing expenses but is also a sure fire way to increase sales. You don’t have to wait for Black Friday and Cyber Monday with our Push Notification platform. The sales come to you.

How it works

A simple 1-click subscription mechanic sets up a reliable visitor to subscriber pipeline.

Schedule Campaigns

Push Notifications allow for real-time interaction with subscribers and future repeat customers. Launching an effective campaign or scheduling an offer has never been easier.

No App Required

Companies are scrambling to invest in apps, hoping to keep users engaged. Thanks Oriel’s push notification technology, publishers will no longer be dependant on apps to reach active and potential customers.

Personal Recommendation

Target specific visitors by reaching out with personal recommendations based on observed interests.

GDPR Compliance

Our Push Notification platform is GDPR compliant as privacy is a core value for us. Once collected, all user data is anonymised before being stored away, safe and secure.

What Are the Benefits


HIGH Subscription rate: 40% of visitors subscribe to our platform, earning over a 50% edge on the competition.

High CRT

Between 12% and 27% CTR. Web push notifications command attention whatever site the user happens to be visiting.

Great Analytics

Number of pushes sent, delivered and clicked as well as CR, Click Timing (know when users are most active to make your campaign the best it can be). Remain aware of what browsers, operating systems and devices are employed to interact with your website.

Easy Implementation

A simple snippet, just like Google Analytics.

Browser Agnostic

Campaigns can be delivered to all popular Browsers on desktop & mobile, including: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Samsung Internet Browser and UC Browser.

Premium Assistance

24/7 LIVE support.


Are you a web content owner, gaming developer, an affiliate marketer or just someone with a lot of traffic on your website? Are you still missing monetisation? ORIEL is the best tool to turn that around.

Cost per Click or Cost per Impression

We can help your subscribers find new and exciting publishers and advertisers who are looking to grow their traffic, earning you money in the process. You can get paid per CLICK CPC or by CPM as well as for each new subscriber. Get in touch with us for details on monetization and learn the many stories of success our platform has been honored to contribute to.