Rwanda’s Augmented Future integrates relario PAY Seamless Payment Technology

Augmented Future, a leading augmented reality game development studio in Rwanda, Africa, has partnered with relario AG to integrate relario PAY seamless payment technology in a range of mobile products.

With technology by Augmented Future, mobile users in Rwanda can interact with physical items such as books, objects in museums, or music creators in ways never done before. Using augmented and virtual reality combined with 2D/3D animations, the Augmented Future development team made it possible to unlock additional value and interactivity from existing and new books for Rwandan content developers and their audiences. The successful digitization of the famous book, The ABCs of Rwanda, has boosted the growth of Augmented Future.

As Augmented Future continued to grow its augmented reality mobile products, it needed a fast and easy payment solution for users of their mobile apps.

“The conventional bank payment process was not an option due to low adoption of credit cards in Sub Saharan Africa, many having no access to bank systems,” says Confident Niyizibyose, the Augmented Future Founder and Managing Director.

Niyizibyose continues, “With relario PAY technology, the user easily sends payment through SMS, and the cost is automatically deducted from the mobile airtime. The seamless payment makes the transaction very fast for the user, and the increased conversion rate benefits our company.”

The technology behind relario PAY is simple and effective. Mobile gaming and digital content purchases are made without debit cards, credit cards, or bank accounts across Africa, and payments are simply sent via SMS. Relario’s mobile content partners and leading mobile gaming developers continue to receive reliable earnings in any major currency they wish. 

About Relario PAY

Relario AG, a fintech company based in Switzerland, is transforming how payments are made for mobile gaming and digital content in over 100 countries and 300+ mobile networks with one easy-to-integrate API. Relario PAY has successful partnerships with some of the world’s leading Game Publishers, mobile network operators, and OEM manufacturers.

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About Augmented Future

Augmented Future is a gaming technology company based in Rwanda using augmented reality to enable engaging learning in foundational nursery and primary- grades across Sub Saharan Africa.

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