Chroma Pixel Games – Zambia’s #1 Game Studio – Integrates Seamless Payment Solution

The gaming industry in Zambia is booming. Chroma Pixel Games has established itself as Zambia’s No. 1 and best Game Studio by developing vibrant games that have brought the country’s Mobile Game Industry back to the forefront with double digit yearly growth rates.

Chroma Pixel Games has been nominated as one of Africa’s Best Game Studios. Edwin Kapesa, Founder & CEO explains, “We are a Dream Making Studio creating and building awesome games based on the African narrative.”

To improve the video game industry, Chroma Pixel Games comes in to help Zambia’s efforts to become the continent’s hub for cloud game production. To that end, Chroma Pixel Games collaborates with some of the continent’s top game developers.

Chroma Pixel Games evaluated various payment options for an easier way to send seamless payments through the game. The clear choice was relario PAY. What were the deciding factors?


  1. Millions of users can send seamless SMS micropayments from their airtime.
  2. No credit cards or bank accounts need to be linked, making it a safer and more trusted solution.
  3. Relario PAY has an easy-to-integrate API.
  4. Fast 1-click SMS checkout increases purchase conversion.

Edwin continues, “We are integrating Relario Pay in 3 of our mobile games and one VR Game called Mighty Eagle. Well known as Equilibrium, Tap Tennis (our hyper casual game), Toys all Race, and Escape from Rafigi.”

At relario, we are happy to assist innovative gaming companies such as Chroma Pixel Games by offering our ADathon sponsored user acquisition program that helps them grow their user base and increase their sales using relario PAY seamless payment solutions.

About Relario PAY

Relario AG, a fintech company based in Switzerland, is transforming how payments are made for mobile gaming and digital content in over 100 countries and 300+ mobile networks with one easy-to-integrate API. Relario PAY has successful partnerships with some of the world’s leading Game Publishers, mobile network operators, and OEM manufacturers.